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Protect your motorcycle with the Oxford Patriot Disc Lock, a must-have for every rider.
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Introducing the Oxford Patriot Disc Lock, a reliable and secure solution for safeguarding your motorcycle. This disc lock comes with a 14mm shackle pin and is available in both short and long shackle versions. The long shackle version can be used as a chain lock, while the short shackle version is designed primarily for disc locking and includes a convenient carry bracket that can be fitted to your bike.

The compact design of the Oxford Patriot Disc Lock makes it easy to carry on your bike, in a bag, or even in your pocket. It is a universal disc lock that fits most bikes, providing a versatile and portable security solution for motorcyclists.

The lock has undergone rigorous testing by Oxford and independent entities, obtaining approvals from Sold Secure Motorcycle GOLD, ART 4*, SBSC, and FG. Additionally, it comes with a key replacement service, ensuring that if all your keys are lost, a new one can be made based on your key number.

This product has met the high standards of the Police Preferred Specification and has been accredited as "Secured by Design" (SBD), aligning with police initiatives to reduce property theft and promote good design and practice.

For more information on our range of security products, visit our dedicated website to explore the full list of SBD approved products and learn more about our commitment to providing secure solutions for motorcyclists.

  • Universal disc lock, fits most bikes
  • Compact in size so convenient to carry on bike or bag
  • 14mm diameter shackle pin
  • Carry bracket included (OF40 Short pin version only)
  • Can also be used with a chain (OF41 Long pin version)
  • Key replacement service available
  • Accredited "Secured by Design" (SBD)
  • Meets Police Preferred Specification
  • Approved by Sold Secure Motorcycle GOLD, ART 4*, SBSC, and FG
  • Tested by Oxford and independent entities
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Innovation by Oxford

In the range of products, every motorcyclist will find something for himself and his motorcycle. Oxford is a kind of "must-haves" for every motorcyclist, in which there are, among others: battery chargers, lifts (stands), various types of protective films, wireless communication intercoms, heated shifters, an extremely wide range of backpacks, bags, saddlebags, cases for navigation and accessories for attaching luggage, rainwear, thermoactivated underwear and a wide range of anti-theft security.

OXFORD PATRIOT DISC LOCK has the following specifications:

Specification Details
Shackle Pin Size 14mm
Shackle Versions Short and Long
Carry Bracket Included Yes
Universal Fit Yes
Security Approvals Sold Secure Motorcycle GOLD, ART 4*, SBSC, FG
Key Replacement Service Yes
Police Preferred Specification Yes
Secured by Design Accreditation Yes
Compact Design Yes
Versatile and Portable Yes

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