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Trendy Motorcycle Clothing and Accessories by IXIL Exhausts

IXIL Exhausts

IXIL came onto the market in 1955, backed by a family business in the heart of Barcelona. The constant efforts and determination of two generations to offer products with the best possible guarantees have been fundamental in obtaining world-wide recognition. Splendid teamwork in the manufacture, commercializa-tion and distribution of the brand make us competitive in the international market. The latest technology is used in all our production process-es so that we can meet the highest European standards. Our product development is based on computer-assisted design (CAD), giving greater speed and high precision in adaptations. The whole production process is computer supported, from the laser cutting machines to the welding robots. IXIL takes part in the racing world and enjoys the confi-dence of world class competitors in the top Moto GP cat-egory, where new materials and technologies are developed and tested in order to achieve maximum quality.

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