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UK produced GOOP Puncture Preventative, after quite a long period of research and trial and error, was created during 1998. This product differs to the American one, in as much that it was developed without a fiber content using finely ground rubber particles instead, so no installation problems and no 'balling' up in the tire would occur, which does eventually happen with any fiber-based product due to centrifugal force, thereby causing the product to become less effective in sealing punctures. GOOP will function in either a tubed or tubeless tire. Anyone purchasing GOOP can do so with full confidence in the knowledge that it will do exactly what it is stated to do, time after time, having been put to the test by many thousands of end-users over the years who use Goop on a daily basis. GOOP is the environmentally friendly motorbike puncture prevention sealant offering freedom from roadside punctures.

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