Spada Alberta Trousers Grey Short Leg

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Stay protected and stylish on your motorcycle with Spada Alberta Trousers in Grey.
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Spada Alberta Trousers Grey Short Leg description

The Spada Alberta Trousers in Grey are a stylish and protective option for motorcycle enthusiasts. These CE certified trousers are made from 600D Polyester PU coated fabric, ensuring durability and reliability. The large mesh vent at the thigh provides increased breathability for added comfort during long rides. The waist and ankle adjusters allow for a customizable fit, while the quilted detachable lining adds versatility for different weather conditions. Reflective elements are included for added visibility, and there is a reinforced panel at the seat for durability. The accordion pleats above the knee provide increased flexibility while riding, and the long and short connecting zip allows for easy pairing with different jackets. For riders looking for a combination of style, performance, and functionality, the Spada Alberta Trousers are a top choice.

  • CE certified to A rating
  • CE certified four-piece armor
  • Large mesh vent at thigh for increased breathability
  • 600D Polyester PU coated fabric
  • Waist and ankle adjusters
  • Quilted detachable lining
  • Reflective elements
  • Reinforced panel at seat
  • Button closure collar
  • Accordion pleats above knee for increased flexibility
  • Long and short connecting zip

Spada Alberta Trousers Grey Short Leg has the following specifications:

Specification Details
Certification CE certified
Material 600D Polyester PU coated fabric
Ventilation Large mesh vent at thigh
Adjustability Waist and ankle adjusters
Lining Quilted detachable lining
Visibility Reflective elements
Reinforced Panel Seat
Flexibility Accordion pleats above knee
Connection Long and short connecting zip
Color Grey

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