Simpson Darksome - Mirror Visor

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Upgrade your Full-Face Helmet with the Simpson Darksome Mirror Visor for safe, stylish rides.
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Simpson Darksome - Mirror Visor description

Introducing the Simpson Darksome - Mirror Visor, designed specifically for use with Simpson Full Face Helmets. This external shield is crafted with top-quality materials and built to provide outstanding performance and durability. The visor comes with an anti-scratch treated shield, ensuring long-lasting clarity and visibility while on the road or track. With its quick change system, swapping out visors for different lighting conditions is quick and easy. Additionally, the visor is pinlock lens ready, providing an extra layer of anti-fog protection for improved safety and visibility. Available in a range of colors, you can choose the visor that best complements your helmet and personal style. Upgrade your helmet with the Simpson Darksome - Mirror Visor for enhanced protection and style.

  • Designed for use with Simpson Full Face Helmets
  • Crafted with top-quality materials
  • Provides outstanding performance and durability
  • Comes with an anti-scratch treated shield
  • Ensures long-lasting clarity and visibility
  • Quick and easy visor changes for different lighting conditions
  • Pinlock lens ready for extra anti-fog protection
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Upgrade your helmet for enhanced protection and style
  • Prepared for pinlock lens
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Innovation by Simpson

Since 1959 Simpson Performance Products has led the motorsports industry in safety innovation. They continually elevate safety standards through dedication to continuous development, refinement and testing. All of the Simpson products are designed with your safety in mind. From the race track to the road with many celebrity endorsements, most notably the Stig from BBC Topgear who wears the distinctive track-spec Simpson DiamondBack.

Simpson Darksome - Mirror Visor has the following specifications:

Specification Details
Designed for Simpson Full Face Helmets
Material Top-quality materials
Shield Type Anti-scratch treated shield
Visor Change System Quick change system
Additional Protection Pinlock lens ready
Color Options Range of colors
Enhanced Protection Upgrade for enhanced protection
Visibility Long-lasting clarity and visibility
Durability Outstanding performance and durability
Style Enhanced style

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