Shoei GT Air 3 Black Helmet

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Ride in style and safety with the Shoei GT Air 3 Black Full Face Helmet.
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Shoei Gt Air 3 Black Helmet description

Introducing the Shoei GT-Air 3 Black, an ECE 22.06 full-face motorcycle helmet that has been redesigned with new features and safety enhancements for the sports-touring rider. This helmet boasts a lightweight, impact-absorbing AIM shell, an internal sun visor, and a new ventilation system, ensuring premium comfort and protection on the road.

The GT-Air 3 is an upgrade from its predecessor, the GT-Air 2, and meets the latest ECE 22.06 safety standards. The helmet features an improved ventilation system with increased airflow and exhaust efficiency, keeping riders cool and comfortable during long rides. Additionally, the central locking system for the face shield has been redesigned to improve airflow and prevent warping over time.

Constructed with an impact-absorbing AIM shell, the GT-Air 3 offers a high level of protection while maintaining a lightweight design. The helmet comes in 6 different sizes, with 3 shell sizes and 5 linings in various thicknesses to ensure an optimal fit for every rider.

The CNS-1C shield is equipped with a durable airtight seal and anti-fog insert, providing clear visibility in any weather condition. The integrated sun visor offers effective sun shielding, while the redesigned upper and lower air vents, as well as the repositioned rear air vent, ensure maximum airflow and ventilation for the rider.

For added comfort, the GT-Air 3 includes improved cheek pads with a built-in noise isolator, as well as a detachable and washable 3D sculpted interior. The micro ratchet chinstrap has been redesigned for a thinner and more compact fit, enhancing safety and comfort.

The GT-Air 3 is also seamlessly compatible with Sena communication systems, including the exclusive SRL 3 intercom, offering easy integration and improved ease-of-use for riders.

In addition, the helmet features a mist-retardant Pinlock visor, a stainless steel Micro Ratchet System, and multiple venting and extraction options for maximum airflow and aerodynamics.

With its advanced safety features, superior comfort, and innovative design, the Shoei GT-Air 3 Black is the ideal choice for riders who demand the highest quality and performance from their motorcycle helmets.

  • Brand new for 2023
  • GT-Air 3 replaces predecessor
  • Lightweight AIM shell
  • Internal sun visor and new ventilation system
  • Improved ventilation system with increased airflow and exhaust efficiency
  • Central locking system for face shield prevents warping over time
  • Impact-absorbing AIM shell
  • Comes in 6 different sizes
  • CNS-1C shield with anti-fog insert
  • Improved cheek pads with built-in noise isolator
  • Compatible with Sena communication systems
  • E.Q.R.S. security system (Emergency Quick Release System)
  • Homologation for ECE 22/06
  • 3 different outer shell sizes (XS-M/ L/ XL-XXL)
  • Pinlock® visor
  • Wind tunnel engineered aerodynamics
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Innovation by Shoei

Shoei motorcycle helmets are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship and the use of high quality materials for their production. In addition to the quality itself, Shoei helmets are offered in a variety of colours and patterns, so everyone, even the most demanding motorcyclist will find something suitable for himself. Other than the helmets our selection of Shoei products varies from peaks, base plate sets, visors, and vent mats to mud guards, neck outlets, and many more!

Shoei Gt Air 3 Black Helmet has the following specifications:

Specification Details
Type Full-face motorcycle helmet
Safety Standard Meets ECE 22.06 safety standards
Shell Material Impact-absorbing AIM shell
Shield CNS-1C shield with durable airtight seal and anti-fog insert
Ventilation Improved ventilation system with increased airflow and exhaust efficiency
Sun Visor Integrated sun visor for effective sun shielding
Comfort Features Improved cheek pads with noise isolator, detachable and washable 3D sculpted interior
Chinstrap Micro ratchet chinstrap with redesigned thinner and more compact fit
Compatibility Seamlessly compatible with Sena communication systems
Additional Features Mist-retardant Pinlock visor, stainless steel Micro Ratchet System, multiple venting and extraction options

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