RK 420SB X 122 CHAIN

Get the high-performance RK 420SB X 122 CHAIN for your motorcycle. Quality guaranteed by RK.
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RK 420SB X 122 CHAIN description

Introducing the RK 420SB X 122 CHAIN from Sprockets, a high-quality and durable motorcycle chain designed for maximum strength and reliability. Manufactured from carbon alloy steel, this chain is heat-treated and shot-peened to ensure exceptional durability, making it the perfect choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

With a 420 STD Standard Chain designation and a impressive tensile strength of 4,100 lbs, the RK 420SB X 122 CHAIN is capable of handling a maximum CC rating of 1250cc for street bikes and 90cc for dirt bikes. This chain is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of high-performance riding while providing smooth and reliable power transmission.

At just 1.65lbs, the RK 420SB X 122 CHAIN offers a lightweight yet sturdy construction, making it an ideal choice for riders who demand top-notch performance without sacrificing agility. The master link type included with this chain is a convenient clip style, ensuring easy installation and maintenance for riders.

Whether you're hitting the open road or tearing up the dirt track, the RK 420SB X 122 CHAIN from Sprockets is the perfect choice for riders who demand the highest level of performance and reliability from their motorcycle chain. Trust in RK's decades of experience and innovation in motorcycle chain production to keep you riding with confidence. Choose the RK 420SB X 122 CHAIN for unmatched quality and performance in every ride.

  • Manufactured from carbon alloy steel, heat-treated and shot-peened for maximum strength and durability
  • 420 STD Standard Chain designation
  • Tensile Strength: 4,100 lbs
  • Max CC Rating: 1250cc Street / 90cc Dirt
  • Weight: 1.65lbs
  • Cold Forged Seamless Bush for longer chain life
  • Non Sealed Chain
  • Specifically designed to withstand the rigors of high-performance riding
  • Master Link Type Included: Clip
  • Easy installation and maintenance for riders
Innovation by RK

RK EUROPE, subsidiary company of the Japanese famous motorcycle drive chain maker: RK TAKASAGO CHAIN, has been established in North of France in 2013, in order to offer a quality service for our customers located in Europe. RK is currently the only manufacturer able to produce their own home made quality chain kit in the market. RK-Japan, with over 60 years of experience in Motorcycle chains production is one of the leader in motorcycle chain’s market. The constant quality year after year of the products, the innovation and high performance products has enabled RK to work with world-renowned partners such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Triumph for Original Equipment. But RK is also active in the races field with champions in Moto GP, Endurance and Motocross. Working in collaboration with Japanese engineers and technology, RK-Malaysia is now dominating in South Asia market. Due to their market situation, our factory is able to provide good quality chains for an affordable price! Because a chain can’t run without sprockets in 2002 RK started the production of sprockets. Our Malaysian factory supply OEM chains, sprockets to Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and KTM.

RK 420SB X 122 CHAIN has the following specifications:

Specification Details
Material Carbon alloy steel
Manufacturing Process Heat-treated and shot-peened
Chain Designation 420 STD Standard Chain
Tensile Strength 4,100 lbs
Maximum CC Rating for Street Bikes 1250cc
Maximum CC Rating for Dirt Bikes 90cc
Master Link Type Clip style
Weight 1.65lbs
Brand Sprockets
Special Feature Designed for high-performance riding

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