Moto 2 tf

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Moto 2 tf description

Introducing the Moto 2 TF (tapered fit) motorcycle jeans from Rev'it! These jeans offer the perfect combination of motorcycle functionality and contemporary fashion. The comfortable fit at the waist and thigh transitions to a tapered leg, providing a stylish look that is also practical for riding.

Designed with the fit of leather motorcycle pants in mind, the Moto 2 TF jeans are ideal for longer rides, offering a sporty appearance and freedom of movement. The strategically placed stretch lips ensure flexibility on the bike while enhancing the overall style of the jeans.

In a dark grey wash, these jeans are easy to pair with any leather or textile jacket. The knee protection can be adjusted to your preferred height for maximum comfort, and the reflective details on the turn up offer increased visibility when rolling up the legs.

Whether you're embarking on a long journey or a short ride, and whether you prefer a leather or textile jacket, the Moto 2 TF motorcycle jeans are up for any riding challenge. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Moto 2 TF from Rev'it!

  • Moto 2 TF (tapered fit) motorcycle jeans from Rev'it!
  • Combines motorcycle functionality and contemporary fashion
  • Comfortable fit at the waist and thigh
  • Tapered leg for a stylish and practical look
  • Ideal for longer rides with a sporty appearance
  • Strategically placed stretch lips for flexibility on the bike
  • Dark grey wash for easy pairing with any jacket
  • Adjustable knee protection for maximum comfort
  • Reflective details on the turn up for increased visibility
  • Perfect blend of style and functionality

Moto 2 tf has the following specifications:

Specification Details
Fit Tapered
Style Contemporary
Functionality Motorcycle functionality
Comfort Comfortable fit
Design Sporty appearance
Flexibility Stretch lips for flexibility
Protection Adjustable knee protection
Visibility Reflective details for increased visibility
Compatibility Suitable for longer rides
Versatility Suitable for any riding challenge

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