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High-performance air filter for motorcycles, providing superior filtration and engine protection.
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Air filter description

The KTM Air Filter is designed to improve the performance of your motorcycle by extending the filter service intervals and optimizing air flow. This top quality air filter is a must-have accessory for any KTM motorcycle enthusiast. It is designed to fit perfectly and provide the best filtration for your engine, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently. Made with high-quality materials, this air filter is built to last and withstand the rigors of off-road riding. With the KTM Air Filter, you can have peace of mind knowing that your engine is getting the cleanest air possible, which can lead to increased power and improved fuel efficiency. Whether you're racing in the Dakar Rally or enjoying a casual ride, the KTM Air Filter is an essential accessory for maintaining the optimal performance of your motorcycle. Add this high-performance air filter to your KTM motorcycle and experience the difference it can make in your riding experience.

  • Designed to improve performance
  • Extends filter service intervals
  • Optimizes air flow
  • Must-have accessory for KTM enthusiasts
  • Perfect fit for KTM motorcycles
  • Provides the best filtration for the engine
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Built to last and withstand off-road riding
  • Ensures smooth and efficient engine operation
  • Provides the cleanest air possible for the engine
This product fits on this motorcycles:

KTM 890 DUKE R 2020

KTM 890 DUKE R 2021

KTM 890 DUKE R 2022

KTM 890 DUKE R 2023

KTM 790 DUKE 2019

KTM 790 DUKE 2020

KTM 890 DUKE 2020

KTM 790 DUKE 2021

KTM 890 DUKE 2021

KTM 790 DUKE 2022

KTM 890 DUKE 2022

KTM 890 DUKE 2023

KTM 790 DUKE 2023

KTM 890 DUKE GP 2022

KTM 890 DUKE GP 2023

Air filter has the following specifications:

Specification Details
Designed for Improving performance
Filter service intervals Extended
Air flow optimization Yes
Fits Perfectly
Filtration quality High
Durability High-quality materials
Suitable for Off-road riding
Impact on engine Increased power
Fuel efficiency improvement Yes
Essential accessory for Maintaining optimal performance

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