Husqvarna Kids Railed Helmet Navy/Yellow

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Get your little rider ready for the off-road adventure with the Husqvarna Kids Railed Helmet in Navy/Yellow.
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Husqvarna Kids Railed Helmet Navy/Yellow description

Get your little rider ready for the off-road adventures with the Husqvarna Kids Railed Helmet in a stylish navy and yellow color scheme. This off-road helmet is specifically designed for the youth anatomy, providing a secure and comfortable fit. The removable, washable, and moisture-wicking inner lining and cheek pads ensure easy maintenance and long-lasting freshness. The dual-density EPS inner shell offers excellent impact protection, while the emergency help tabs allow for quick and easy removal of the cheek pads in case of an emergency. The helmet edge is specially optimized for use with a neck brace, providing added safety and stability. Additionally, the peak of the helmet is adjustable with screws, allowing for a customizable fit. With a weight of 1,100 g (±50 g), this Husqvarna Kids Railed Helmet offers lightweight comfort without compromising on durability and protection. Get your child ready to hit the trails with confidence in this high-quality, stylish, and functional off-road helmet from Husqvarna.

  • Kids offroad helmet
  • Removable, washable, moisture-wicking inner lining and cheek pads
  • Dual-density EPS inner shell
  • Emergency help tabs (removable cheek pads)
  • Helmet edge specially optimized for neck brace
  • Developed for youthful anatomy
  • Peak adjustable with screws
  • Weight 1,100 g (±50 g)
  • Specifically designed for youth anatomy
  • Provides a secure and comfortable fit
Innovation by Husqvarna

HUSQVARNA Motorcycles GmbH is a Swedish-origin Austrian company which designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes motocross, enduro, supermoto and street motorcycles. The company began producing motorcycles in 1903 at Husqvarna, Sweden, as a subsidiary of the Husqvarna armament firm. The brand is well-established with a reputation for its strong and dependable build throughout the world. We offer a huge variety of HUSQVARNA products from helmets, mirrors, gloves, shirts, jeans, jackets, to watches, shades, goggles and many more. We guarantee you will find what you are looking for to enhance your motorcycling experience here on our website.

Husqvarna Kids Railed Helmet Navy/Yellow has the following specifications:

Specification Details
Color Scheme Navy and yellow
Fit Youth anatomy
Lining Removable, washable, moisture-wicking
Impact Protection Dual-density EPS inner shell
Emergency Help Tabs Quick removal of cheek pads
Neck Brace Compatibility Specially optimized helmet edge
Peak Adjustability Adjustable with screws
Weight 1,100 g (±50 g)
Comfort Lightweight
Durability High-quality

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