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Motorcycle Flip Up Helmets

The motorcycle flip-up helmet is an ideal combination of the full face and open face helmet, for those who enjoy some breeze of an open face helmet, with the security of the full face helmet. The flip up helmet can be adjusted with the visor lifting mechanism, which allows you to lift the chin bar and transform your full face helmet to a sort of open face helmet. In its locked position, the flip up provides as much protection and security as a full face helmet. The option to change between full face and open face gives you the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. In the open face version of such helmet, you can enjoy the comfort of a fresh breeze, as well as the ease of communication during a break or fuel up, without having to take it off!Our online shop offers hundreds of top quality flip up helmets from world's best manufacturers such as Shark Helmets, HJC, Scorpion Helmets, AGV, Shoei, Caberg, and more.

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