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Discover our collection of Adventure & Off Road Helmets for the ultimate protection and style on your off-road adventures. Stay safe and stylish with our high-quality motorcycle helmets.

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Motorcycle Off Road Helmets

Adventure helmets are perfect for any occasion, both for driving on side roads and urban traffic. Adventure helmets are the combination of a road helmet and an off-road helmet, which makes them highly versatile and suitable for many riding conditions. They have excellent ventilation, due to the extended chin bar,  with the possibility of partial configuration change. Some adventure & off-road helmets allow you to take off or add the peak which protects your face from dirt and other road debris, and partially from the sun; some also allow riders to make changes and wear goggles instead of the visor attached to the helmet, which is ideal for off-road riding. If you are looking for the perfect helmet for high speed off road riding, an adventure or off-road helmet will be the right choice for you. With hundreds of options on the MotoGB online shop, you will find the best suitable helmet for you. Our offer includes a huge variety of designs, adjustability, and costs, from a large selection of the best helmet brands such as Suzuki, KTM, By City, Shoei, Schuberth, Alpinestars, Airoh, and many more.

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