Motorcycle 2 Piece Suits

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Stylish and Protective 1 Piece Motorcycle Suits for Ultimate Riding Comfort

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High-Quality 2 Piece Motorcycle Suits for Ultimate Protection and Style

Motorcycle 2 Piece Suits

Two piece motorcycling suits offer less protection than the one piece suit, however, they allow more mobility for the rider. They are perfect for less sports-related riding styles, and are better suited for an upright sitting position. You can customise your two piece suit even more than the one piece as you can fit it with different style jackets/trousers, as well as being able to personalise your personal protective gear with protective inserts. The range of two piece suits is smaller, with only a hand-full of styles, however, you can choose to wear a textile jacket/trousers with your suit for your ultimate comfort. We offer two piece suits from top quality brands as KTM, Alpinestars, REV'IT, and Dainese.

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