Rev'it! Lewis selvedge tf

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The Lewis Selvedge TF by Rev'it! is a stylish and protective motorcycle clothing option.
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Lewis selvedge tf description

Introducing the Lewis Selvedge TF from REV'IT! - your new go-to garment for riding. These motorcycle pants are made with a 13oz. CORDURA stretch denim, offering flexibility and protection both on and off your bike. As the first in our collection to offer a stretch denim at this lighter weight, these single-layer AA CE category jeans provide the perfect balance of comfort and safety.

Years of expertise in every stitch
Drawing on our extensive experience in creating motorcycle-specific jeans, we’ve poured everything we know into the Lewis Selvedge TF. The rinsed-wash denim molds to your body over time, while the stylish selvedge seams not only provide a unique inner pant leg finish but also prevent unraveling and fraying. With REV'IT!, you can trust that your jeans will stand the test of time, both in terms of durability and style.

Customizable protection for every rider
CE-certified armor at the knees and hips offers top-notch protection against impact and abrasion. What’s more, the flexible height options on the knee protector pockets allow you to fine-tune the fit to suit your personal riding style and bike setup. Safety is always at the forefront of our design process, and the Lewis Selvedge TF exemplifies this with integrated reflective edging on the unique turn-ups, ensuring visibility from day to night.

With the Lewis Selvedge TF motorcycle pants, you can ride with the confidence that each detail has been carefully considered and expertly crafted. Experience the perfect combination of style, comfort, and protection – only from REV'IT!

  • 13oz. CORDURA stretch denim
  • Flexibility and protection on and off the bike
  • Single-layer AA CE category jeans
  • Rinsed-wash denim molds to your body over time
  • Selvedge seams prevent unraveling and fraying
  • CE-certified armor at the knees and hips
  • Flexible height options on the knee protector pockets
  • Integrated reflective edging on the unique turn-ups
  • Designed for safety, comfort, and style
  • Raw riding responsiveness and durability
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Innovation by Rev'it!

The REVIT! brand was founded in 1995, born out of our passion for making well-designed motorcycle clothing, with love for their products, and their keen eye for detail. Producing innovative and well-designed motorcycle clothing to inspire people to ride. These products not only serve the purpose of being motorcycle gear, they are designed for you to experience your passion to the fullest: that of riding a motorcycle. Find your unique fit here withing our huge array of REV'IT! products!

Lewis selvedge tf has the following specifications:

Specification Details
Material 13oz. CORDURA stretch denim
Layer Single-layer
Safety Certification CE category AA
Armor CE-certified armor at knees and hips
Customization Flexible height options on knee protector pockets
Reflectivity Integrated reflective edging on turn-ups
Denim Finish Rinsed-wash denim with stylish selvedge seams
Durability Built to stand the test of time
Style Combination of style, comfort, and protection
Brand REV'IT!

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