Acerbis Auritech hearing protectors earplugs

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Protect your hearing with Auritech earplugs, designed for motorcycle riders.
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Auritech hearing protectors earplugs description

Introducing the Auritech Hearing Protectors earplugs from Acerbis - the ultimate solution for reducing wind and road noise while allowing for clear communication and intercom use. These high-quality earplugs are designed to enhance situational awareness while providing exceptional comfort and washable, re-usable convenience.

With wind noise on a motorbike reaching levels of up to 95dB, and up to 130dB for motorsport spectators, it is crucial to protect your hearing to avoid permanent damage. This is where Auritech Hearing Protectors come in.

Unlike traditional foam, wax, or silicone earplugs, Auritech BIKER Hearing Protectors have been developed over 20 years by leading experts, making them superior in every aspect. The precision-tuned, patented ceramic filters ensure maximum protection from dangerous levels of engine, wind, and road noise, while still allowing for clear and audible conversation, sirens, and horns with no muffled effect.

These comfortable earplugs are suitable for all ages and are ideal for bikers and other motorsport enthusiasts. Don't compromise on your hearing protection - choose Auritech Hearing Protectors for optimal protection and style.

  • Reduces wind & road noise
  • Allows communication & intercom use
  • Enhances situational awareness
  • Comfortable, washable & re-usable
  • Protects against wind noise up to 95dB
  • Protects against motorsport spectator noise up to 130dB
  • Superior to traditional foam, wax or silicone earplugs
  • Precision-tuned, patented ceramic filters for maximum protection
  • Allows clear and audible conversation, sirens, and horns
  • Suitable for all ages and ideal for bikers and motorsport enthusiasts
Innovation by Acerbis


Auritech hearing protectors earplugs has the following specifications:

Specification Details
Type Earplugs
Intended Use Reduce wind and road noise
Communication Clear communication and intercom use
Protection Levels Up to 95dB wind noise and up to 130dB for motorsport spectators
Material High-quality and washable
Reusability Washable and re-usable
Development Over 20 years by leading experts
Filter Patented ceramic filters
Suitability For all ages
Ideal For Bikers and motorsport enthusiasts

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Auritech hearing protectors earplugs

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